Scott Galloway On The Future of Education

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I rarely send out articles for people to read. There are two reasons:

  1. I don't want to give people 'assignments'
  2. So when I do, I hope they’ll warrant their attention.

I've been following Scott Galloway for years after discovering his weekly YouTube series on branding (some of the best business education available - condensed into four minute segments).

Here is his latest — and an excellent summary of his recent thoughts on education and more.

The Coming Disruption Scott Galloway predicts a handful of elite cyborg universities will soon monopolize higher education.

If even half of what this guy is predicting comes true, education in the 2030s will look NOTHING like it did in the 2010s. Our current system is simply unsustainable. The challenge is...what about our kids (or grandkids) who have to navigate this sh*tstorm over the next decade?